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Our advanced self-service automation technology evolves self-service devices into touchless access control. HealthGate complements our aviation solutions with a focus on ensuring the safely of stakeholders and hygiene of public areas.

Touchless technology

Personal declarations

Accuracy & technology



Touchless technology

Why do we need touchless self-service? 

The World Health Organization (WHO) highlights studies confirming contaminated hands can be vehicles for the spread of certain viruses and bacteria, noting that the organisms can survive on hands for up to 60 minutes and, in certain circumstances, up to three months.

How can the device be controlled?

Individuals can choose to interact as they feel comfortable or according to their physical ability with either voice, movement or mobile phone interaction.

How does voice recognition work?

Jointly developed by Amazon Web Services and Elenium for loud environments, our patent pending approach to voice recognition distinguishes voices in busy environments like airports, hospitals, or medical centres by combining multiple types of sensors, including proximity sensors, cameras and multiple directional microphones. 

Can voice recognition work in loud environments?

Yes, view the demonstration 

How does movement detection work?

The patent pending head control technology uses a machine learning classifier to find a point of interest on a person face as an anchor point. When the user moves their head the cursor of the kiosk follows accordingly.  The interaction is intuitive with no training required by the user.

Can interaction be managed via a mobile phone?

Yes, with our BYOD function, individuals engage and complete the health declaration questionnaires using their own devices.

Personal declarations

What questions can be asked?

The solution offers the ability to include a question/answer process as part of the access control process. These questions can be configured based on your own requirements. Questions typically focus on recent travel history and generic health questions.

Accuracy & technology

Where is HealthGate manufactured? 


How has HealthGate been tested?

HealthGate has been extensively tested in our R&D Lab in Melbourne. Additionally it has been tested in a variety of environmental scenarios, indoors and out. In the field it is currently in use in Airports and Hospitals. 

Is HealthGate a medical device?

Yes, Elenium HealthGate is entered in the ARTG, 355032.



Where can HealthGate be used? 

This solution can be used in numerous locations,  including airports, hospitals, care homes, public buildings, office blocks and at events. HealthGate is certified to work in a room temperature range of 18 – 24 degrees celsius.

Can the device be moved around?

Yes, a ruggedised suitcase can house the solution, ideal for outdoors conditions like access control to building sites or mines and HealthGate can be delivered as a portable kiosk with hot swappable battery or desktop podium.

What form factors are available? 

Kiosk and podium.

How soon can I order?

HealthGate is ready for distribution, please email for further information.


How is an individuals privacy respected? 

HealthGate and AWS hold no identifiable personal data. Our solution is designed to work with the data requirements of the customer and all data would be held by the customer as per their agreed and published privacy process, regional regulations and country law. 

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